Six-Step Lawn Fertilization Program

This is a six application per year lawn program which includes six visits to your property once every 6-8 weeks. These visits include custom organic fertilizations based on yearly soil samples taken. Also, weed controls are used on each visit to control the intrusive seasonal weeds. This program is also customized to fit whatever type of turf present in your yard. A cool season turf or a warm weather turf will require different fertilizers and weed controls.

Lawn Aeravation and Seeding

We do over 100,000 lbs of seeding on current lawns and new lawns every year. We specialize in all types of lawn seeding including Tall Fescue, Bermuda Grass, Centipede, etc. Our Aera-Vators are specialized machines that fluff and drill seed into the soil for the best results.

Lawn Renovation

We also start lawns from ground zero. Some properties require starting from scratch due to weeds or new construction. Our process will get a new lawn started and have you on your way to an established lawn.

Core Aeration

Some lawns need a little extra aerification due to non draining soils like clay, and soil compaction. This will help the roots breathe and move deeper into the soil for stronger results.


By using formulated dry organic compost as top dressing, that consist of chicken compost with biologically active and naturally digested minerals.

Ornamental Tree and Shrub Program

This is a program designed to provide insect control and proper fertility to all planted ornamentals on property. We treat ornamentals up to 30 ft tall for all insect problems on a yearly basis. We also provide a deep root liquid injection of organic fertilizers to provide the ornamentals with the needed nutrients for growth. USDA National Organic Program compliant – All natural organic sprays-safe for humans, pets and all beneficial insects.

Mulch Bed and Driveway Weed Control Program

Organic Green also has programs designed to combat pesky weeds in mulch and rock areas as well combating these weeds in all types of driveways.